Education in times of pandemic. We continue committed to the community.


WONG FOUNDATION, JULY 2021. During 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic generated multiple challenges for education systems at all levels. Forcing everyone to react quickly to forms of virtual teaching not common for work teams. This implied adaptations to the programs that the Foundation develops in its area of influence: child development for boys and girls between 12 and 36 months of age, formal education for school students, and post-secondary programs for young people.

Faced with the difficulties inherent to the pandemic and the need to address vulnerable groups of children, adolescents and their families, we activate processes of emotional containment, home visits with biosecurity standards, delivery of basic food, talks on prevention of contagion of the Covid-19, virtual education, and training for teachers and family counselors on action protocols to prevent child abuse and self-care standards.

Given the serious food crisis during the confinement period, which continued several months later due to the impact of the pandemic on the economy and employability of the country, the Foundation donated food kits to more than 37,000 families in 116 districts of Ecuador.

We maintained permanent care for 153 boys and girls from our 4 Child Development Centers with a team of highly trained educators through close communication with their caregivers and home visits. In this way we guarantee a good start in their lives as a basis for the development and deployment of all their capacities and skills. Aspects such as preventive health and counseling for pregnant women were also addressed. The strategy of educating families was the essential tool to prepare them in a culture of adequate parenting for their sons and daughters.

In relation to primary and secondary education, we managed to preserve the student population of our 3 educational centers. We ended the year with 494 students and a minimum dropout rate of 3% related to human mobility. The staff of 32 teachers developed didactic materials that could be effective in the virtual mode, despite the connectivity limitations of the area. Accompaniment and personalized attention for emotional containment was an icon of the teacher’s work in the rural education system.

We highlight the organic gardening practices that the students undertook in their homes with the involvement of their families, to guarantee food security.

66% of our student population corresponds to the children of our workers and 34% to students from the communities neighboring our operations.

In post highschool education, we continue with the virtual trainings of the technical career in Administration of Local Economies, which seeks to strengthen the creation of micro-enterprises in their rural communities. At the same time, job opportunities are offered within the group companies for the Foundation's graduates. To date, there are 85 graduates who have worked with us, contributing significantly to our organization with their work skills and solid human values.

We move forward in 2021 with the firm commitment to continue serving the communities with quality, especially our more than 670 current students. In addition, we are about to start a new educational resilience project that translates into face-to-face educational accompaniment sessions (individual and small groups) for our students who are at higher risk of dropping out or who could have delays in their learning. The project is a response to the difficulties of access to technology and internet coverage in the area during the virtual modality of studies.

Our conviction is to guarantee a better quality of life for our beneficiaries in these difficult times where education is an indispensable tool for their growth and future.

Testimonials from students of the Dr. Segundo Wong Educational Center:

“My name is Estefany Delgado and I am 16 years old. During the time that we have lived with the Pandemic I felt very supported by the Wong Foundation and my teachers. They helped me understand what was happening in the world; they cared about my family and me. That daily word of encouragement, the importance they gave me was very helpful to live those difficult times.
My quality of life has improved a lot, thanks to the support they have given us as students to work out our goals and values, to let us know our rights and so that we have a good emotional well-being. I could not let this opportunity pass without first expressing my gratitude for all the support that the Wong Foundation gives us and the values they impart. They are an incredibly committed team and I am grateful for the support provided in each action, and I extend a fraternal greeting in the hope of continuing to have unconditional support for all of us. "

“Hello, my name is Alex Cedeño Guerra, I’m a senior in high school. Personally, I am very grateful to the Wong Foundation, to the teachers who reached out to us in times of the pandemic; thanks to them we were able to continue our studies. Thank you teachers for fighting every day by striving in our teaching.
Once again thanks to the Wong Foundation for collaborating with their food kits, it was very fundamental. In difficult moments they did not abandon us, they were always there for us. "