After decades of continuous innovation and leadership, Reybanpac stands out with its premium FAVORITA brand bananas.

Our value-added customer service offerings include personalized packaging and labelling, thus covering the most demanding needs of the global market.


Ecuador’s geographical location makes for a privileged climate and soil type for banana cultivation, enabling us to produce and export a product with a longer shelf life all year round. The country is consequently the largest exporter of bananas in the world, with 30% share of world exports, amounting to some 7 million tons annually.

To meet market demand, Favorita has 10,000 hectares under cultivation, two-thirds of which are our own, with the rest farmed out to local producers, thus encouraging greater banana production in the region and making Favorita the top producer of bananas in Ecuador.

Favorita bananas are produced in strict and conscientious compliance with national and international regulations, as well as with certification programs and audits of the most demanding global bodies and companies.



The best bananas in Ecuador are produced through the efforts and dedication of more than six thousand employees, who are protected under all labour requirements of Ecuadorian law and also receive substantial additional benefits, such as:

  • Free, safe, and comfortable transportation to their place of work.
  • Quality meals.
  • Professional training courses.
  • Incentives for participation in a savings and loan cooperative.
  • Free health care for their families at 5 medical centres in rural areas.


At Favorita, we have a clear-cut vision for the future aimed at ongoing modernization for sustainable business growth and an ever-greater reduction in our carbon footprint index.

Favorita applies highly efficient techniques for rationalizing water use. Our production water recirculation plant, for example, achieves a 90% savings in consumption.

Our company uses environmentally friendly methods for pest control and disease prevention, such as the use of biological agents. Our guiding principle is the protection of human health and natural ecosystems. Favorita uses GPS-controlled aircraft to apply phytosanitary products, applies cutting-edge methods of precision agriculture like drone use for sigatoka control in environmentally sensitive areas.

We are proactive in dealing with industry risks and have implemented rigorous biosafety protocols to protect and ensure production for our customers.

Our Location

Our plantations are located in the fertile region of the provinces of Los Ríos and Santo Domingo.