The Wong Foundation empowers the communities surrounding our plantations, providing training for leaders and skills for their professional development.

Education is an outstanding tool of the Wong Foundation's social programme, which operates three fully integrated educational centers from kindergarten to post high school levels. The company has sustained this effort for over 30 years providing benefits at no cost to the communities, families and children surrounding our farms. Currently more than 1,100 children, juveniles, and adults are enrolled in our educational programs. Our High School graduates participate in technical training and are offered jobs in the company.

The Wong Foundation launched the Tutorial Learning System programme, recognized by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Education, in rural areas to enable young people and adults to complete their secondary education and develop their skills to benefit their communities. In a program financed by the United States Department of Labor, UNICEF, as well as the ILO in its 2005 Corporate Social Responsibility Guide endorsed this tutor-based system for the Eradication of Child Labour.

Altogether, the Wong Foundation’s programmes have benefited 9,000 families until 2019.

Ricardo Romero
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