Robotic Process Automation, known as RPA, allows to reduce the time that our human talent devotes to tasks that are repetitive, to redirect it to analytical and more strategic activities that add value to the company and our customers. As of 2019, Reybanpac started the path towards automating its processes.

More than 200 tasks susceptible to being robotized have been identified by the company. ¨Our 3-year projection is the robotization of 100% of the activities identified. The objective of this is to optimize the use of resources and obtain better results in the short term. ” Mentions Juan Carlos Fornell, Technology and Process Manager.

This modernization agenda in Reybanpac through the implementation of automation systems covers all areas of the company: production, operations, logistics, commercial, administrative and financial. “We have an integral vision of the evolutionary process that starts from the analysis of priorities and needs, and which is aimed at achieving greater efficiency at each stage of banana production and export. The first results are already visible. ”

The investment in technology is part of Reybanpac´s development plan for a more productive and sustainable business, with high quality standards and in full compliance with all enviromental, labor and social regulations.